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Riot Games reveals new Project L gameplay and details

Riot Games shows off a closer look at its mechanics with new gameplay footage.
Project L Riot Games Image
Image: Riot Games

Project L, the highly anticipated upcoming fighting game set in the League of Legends world Runeterra, has released another dev blog which includes early gameplay and some key updates. Fans have gotten a new look at Illaoi combat, the tag assist system, and learned how Project L will emphasize movement. You can watch the full dev diary on Riot Games’ YouTube channel here:

Even though the new dev diary admits that their Illaoi gameplay is only around 30 percent complete here, it looks very promising. The size and reach of Illaoi are both on display, creating an interesting contrast to many of the other heroes revealed thus far, many of which appear to emphasize movement.

The devs spent much of their new diary showing off how much freedom of movement that players will have in-game, and it’s absolutely glorious. They open up far more opportunities for strategy than most 2D fighting games have. Additionally, the animations look very engaging, without disrupting the flow of the combat.

The tag team system is not revolutionary, and the Marvel vs. Capcom series has capitalized on it very well. But it looks very smooth and balanced in today’s update for Project L.

Riot Games has consistently produced solid teamwork-based games, so it was crucial for Project L to get the assist gameplay right. And the Dynamic Save mechanic, as it is currently called, is definitely a potent elaboration on team-based fighting. It requires good timing, adding a nice layer of depth, and will naturally lend itself to mind-blowing rescues.

So far, it looks like Project L understands the appeal of the genre, and which kinds of skills to reward. The flow of assists, counters, and swift movement are definitely building their own flavor in a very busy genre.

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