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Shindo Life Update 100 Log Patch Notes

Roblox Shindo Life has just got the big 100 update released into the game that makes big improvements to graphics and much more.
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The 100th update for Roblox Shindo Life was released on October 9th, 2021! This patch brings a lot of improvements to the graphics of the game, and you can now change some of the look of your character with custom eyes and clothes. RELL Coins have had their price reduced by 70%, so take advantage of that if you are in need of them. There’s new SFX for explosions, and a variety of other visual improvements. The developers also fixed a lot of issues with the AOE, so players can rejoice! You can find all of the details from the update below.

There’s some big new free spins and RELL Coins to get, so be sure to check out our Shindo Life Codes page! We also have a countdown list for all of the Shindo Life Items Spawns.

If you want to see some of the new additions in action, you can check out the following video that RellGames posted!

Shindo Life Update 100 Patch Notes

  • Custom Eye
  • Custom Clothes
  • remove !lowhp command
  • Narumaki Ruby
  • Narumaki Tentacion
  • !revertface command
  • add sfx to new explosion effects
  • RELL Coin prices reduced by 70%
  • Graphics Update (redo graphics on all servers)
  • War Game-Mode Map update
  • New Teleport Icon + Thumbnail for War Game Mode
  • Yang Element is now Limited
  • New Custom Cloud Graphics
  • New Nightime Graphics
  • Sub-Abilities Tab re-organized

AOE Fixes

  • Borumaki Skill#: 3rd skill
  • All Narumaki/Yang moves
  • light jokei q spec
  • Shindai rengoku/yang Skill#: 1st Skill
  • Renshik Skill#: 3rd
  • Rengoku 1st and 3rd move
  • Xeno dokei Skill#: 2nd and 1st Skill
  • Deva Rengoku/Sengoku 1st skill
  • Deva Rengoku/Sengoku 3rd skill
  • Mist Kenjutsu 4th
  • Azim Senko 2nd move
  • Variety Mud 2nd move
  • Iron Sand 2nd move
  • Typhoon’s 3rd move
  • Iron Sand c Spec
  • gale Skill#: 6
  • Senko & Dio Senko #: 3rd
  • Shindai Akuma 2nd move
  • Shindai Akuma 3rd move
  • Chaos/Order 4th move
  • Raion Rengoku Z spec
  • Acid 2nd move
  • Ryuji kenichi 2nd skill
  • tail 1
  • tail 2
  • tail 3
  • tail 4
  • tail 5
  • tail 6
  • tail 7
  • tail 8
  • tail 9
  • Moon/Blood Moon Kenjutsu 3rd move
  • Moon/Blood Moon Kenjutsu 4th move
  • Sun Kenjutsu 1st move
  • Sun Kenjutsu 2nd move
  • Sun Kenjutsu 4th move
  • Thunder/Shiver Kenjutsu 4th move
  • Flame/Inferno Kenjutsu 4th move
  • Wind Kenjutsu 4th move
  • Kenichi 3rd move
  • Clay 3rd
  • egg meteorite
  • sunstaff
  • moonstaff
  • sandsword
  • Forged Rengoku/Sengoku 2nd move
  • Forged Rengoku/Sengoku 3rd move
  • Vine 1st move
  • Jashin 3rd move
  • Raion Ren/Sen 1st move
  • Deva Ren/Sen 3rd move
  • Sengoku 2nd move
  • All Kenjutsu 1st move
  • byakugan 3rd c spec
  • Shindai Akuma 3rd skill
  • Subjutsu: Flame Control re-work
  • Subjutsu: Shock Control re-work
  • Subjutsu: Stone Control re-work
  • Subjutsu: Liquid Control re-work
  • Subjutsu: Air Control re-work
  • Sleeping Reality handsign reduce to 1
  • Tree Illusion Technique hand sign reduce to 1
  • Confusion Illusion Technique hand sign reduce to 2
  • Kendo-Arts drain less chi

Bug Fixes

  • Dust 2nd move crash servers
  • Rengoku 2nd move Stun Global
  • Deva Ren/Sen added to iframe global + Mid Combo
  • ryuji mode glitch
  • ryuji double sekizo
  • ryuji autododge only for plot armour
  • fix allwater moves
  • you can spam space and q to double air combo
  • disable warp combat in m1s
  • remake the jump click
  • purple/gold lightning 1st move hand sign reduced by 3
  • passive autododges not work in air combat
  • Isu first gen has no cooldown
  • make q and e specs for modes and bloodlines disabled
  • upgrade Kenjutsu Trails
  • minakaze last move blockable
  • ryuji time limit is now 40
  • narumaki time limit is 60
  • ten tail form 3 = 60 seconds

Taijutsu Hitbox Remake

  • all taijutsu moves need different hitbox when in air combos
  • some taijutsu moves remove air combat which can create infinite combos

Air Combo Additions

  • new animations
  • new combat effects
  • space to kick down in air
  • commit to m1s
  • q to kick rush slam
  • whitelist abilities for air combos (jujutsu arts)
  • w2x = combo starter
  • disable weapon art

That’s everything that was updated and fixed in the new Shindo Life Update 100! We have more details on the game in the Shindo Life section of our website.

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