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Roblox Timmeh Codes (December 2022) – Free Stuff!

We're taking a look at whether or not codes exist for Roblox Timmeh and what freebies you can get for playing the game!
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The game Roblox Timmeh is a collaboration between the popular YouTuber KreekCraft, and the Roblox development studio Wonder Works owned by MeganPlays. Timmeh is similar to the game Piggy, but seems to have a somewhat lighter atmosphere to it. One player will play as the monster and attempt to take out the other players before they are able to complete the map objectives. You will be able to level up, which will unlock new abilities for your survivor and monster. Completing quests will earn you Timmeh Coins, which can be used for a variety of different things!

The game is going to be released as a beta, but should be out as a full release in the next few weeks!

All Timmeh Codes

  • No codes exist for the game right now! If any are released, we will have them posted here as soon as possible.

Find codes for a bunch of other games in our Roblox Games Codes page.

How-to get free stuff in Timmeh

While there currently aren’t any codes, there are still ways to get free stuff in the game!

Join the Wonder Works Collab Group

You can get free stuff by joining the Wonder Work Collab Roblox Group. Run over to the Happy Chicken Diner and inside you can claim the weekly group reward!

Daily Bonuses & Rewards

Be sure to check the shop each day, you get a free Timmeh Crate every day!

Each day you can complete a series of quests that will reward you the different currencies of the game. These include things like using an ability a certain amount of times, leveling up your character, playing a specific amount of games, playing the game as a monster, or leveling up one of your skins.

You can also complete weekly quest, which will take you longer to complete! These are similar tasks to the daily quests, but they have larger requirements. Stuff like gaining skin levels, playing a lot of games, unlocking many doors, opening Timmeh loot boxes, etc.

The main takeaway from this is you will want to head into the game at least once a day to complete the daily quests so that you can get the maximum amount of Timmeh Coins and Quantum Essence.

Season Pass

There’s a season pass that is free, you just need to level up by playing the game which will increase your tier. You get free stuff at certain parts of the pass. You can also buy the season pass to get a lot more stuff for each tier!

Like the Game

When the game reaches certain Like goals, there will be bonuses given out to the players. These include 2x Timmeh Coin weekends, 2x XP weekends, and a free Timmeh Crate for everyone!

That’s everything we know about the codes in Roblox Timmeh at the moment! You can find additional information on how to play this game in the Timmeh section of our website.

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